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Kriddik® Helping Businesses with Private Feedback Messaging

The idea for Kriddik® was born in an effort to help businesses with the opportunity to receive constructive and helpful private feedback from customers, guests, patients and members. For too long comments to businesses have been posted publicly causing, in some cases, more harm than good. Giving a one star review publicly can ultimately destroy an entire organization over what may have been a simple mistake. Online negative reviews can be a form of collective punishment for an entire organization. A single staff member may have just made a mistake in the delivery of a product or service. No one is perfect. Is it fair to berate the entire company publicly over the actions of a single event? Kriddik is out to change how we help a business without the publicly posted subjective comments which, in reality, could end the careers of those who are innocent. The mission is to use private feedback comments to help someone improve their weaknesses or applaud their strengths. It's time to start helping and not just yelping.

We have all been there before. You just wanted to let a business know about a small problem or share a great experience. Maybe it's just letting a hotel know the drain in your room was slow, point out a safety concern or let a restaurant know about the great service you received. If it will help something or someone, Kriddik® is the answer. Your choices of giving feedback were limited to contacting a manager, looking on a website for a contact form, writing a letter or calling the business. For most of us, this is a little too much. Consumers just need to submit the comment through Kriddik® and it will be delivered to the business or organization.

Customer retention along with employee retention can be enhanced using Kriddik. A business gets new customers in the door and with Kriddik® they can keep them coming back if they had a minor issue. Kriddik also adds the ability to put more focus on employee training to help everyone succeed at their jobs. Successful and engaged employees are more likely to gain positive momentum in the work environment.

Our founding team of father and son Victor Lemay (30+ years of retail experience) and Jeffrey Lemay (social-savvy millennial), and restaurateur Tom Boucher developed Kriddik® on the premise that today's consumer wants to actively participate and share in the evolution, and ultimately the success, of the brands they patronize. Kriddik® provides that medium, using a modern and intuitive 3-step method. No more paper comment cards; suggestion boxes; tedious surveys; or, long secret-shopper reports. Just a simple web form for the consumer to use, and a business-centric interface to get the feedback they need to improve their business on the fly. The private feedback messaging is about helping a business, not hurting the business and the people who are part of a business team.

For the consumer, this is a great tool you can use in a matter of moments to let the business or brand you patronize know about your experience - it is fast and easy to use, and helps businesses service you better.

Everything from recognizing an employee for being great, to resolving a perceived negative experience - all from private communication feedback from your customers, accessed instantly through an interface designed with business owners in mind. Because it is private, there is no public forum posting to worry about.

Welcome to Kriddik®!

Kriddik® - The Good, The Bad, The Truth