What is Kriddik®?
Kriddik® allows customers to submit private feedback and comments directly to business owners and leadership. Feedback can be positive or negative, but it is always private and never posted publicly.
Are my comments really private?
Yes, feedback made on the Kriddik® website is between the Kriddik® (customer) and the business. No comments are posted publicly and Kriddik® never shares these comments with anyone except the business owner or leadership.
Terms of Use
Privacy Policy
Will a business owner respond to my issue?
It is up to each business to address their comments and respond back. In some cases, a business may reach out to you for more info, but in some cases they may not. This does not mean they are not extremely grateful for your honest feedback.
Do I have to submit a picture of my receipt or experience?
It is not mandatory to submit supporting photos but it is very helpful for businesses. Kriddik® asks that comments try to pinpoint the day and time so the information can be used appropriately. A photo of the receipt has all of this information and is the reason we highly recommend you upload a photo of your receipt.
What makes Kriddik® different than other review sites?
Kriddik® is not a review site or survey. It is not a public review site. It is a place for customers to make owners and leadership aware of specific topics they feel the owners and leadership should be made aware of. Public review sites and their users give the general public a sense of a business performance. In some cases these public review sites allow posting of false, unqualified comments which can be harmful to a business and can provide would-be customers with a false perception of the business.
What's the difference if my feedback is public or private?
Every good business wants honest feedback from its customers and clients. It helps them manage the products and services they deliver. Public reviews are often written while still in a frustrated state after an unsatisfactory experience, leading to a lengthy, negativity-riddled post that has long term effects against the business. By keeping feedback private on Kriddik®, a staff person's bad day or a sub- par product does not ruin a business' reputation and in fact will help the business improve.
What is Kriddik® Direct Messaging?
A Kriddik® business membership allows a business to immediately respond to feedback quickly and directly to the app user. From the Kriddik® Dashboard a business can see the feedback and respond to the feedback privately. The dashboard works on all devices making it an invaluable tool in managing customer feedback.
Why is managing feedback important? It is all in the numbers.
  1. On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.
  2. For every customer who bothers to complain, 26 other customers remain silent.
  3. On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.
  4. A typical business hears from 4% of its dissatisfied customers.
How can I sign my business up to be part of Kriddik®?
It's easy. Just fill in form and a representative will contact you to verify. Kriddik® provides all the tools to manage feedback, avoiding emails, phone calls, comment cards, surveys, and questionnaires most customers have grown out of.
Is there a cost for being a Kriddik® Member?
Full dashboard benefits to manage your private feedback is only $100 per year or $10 per month.
Are these comments ever made public?
No. All comments made to you through Kriddik® become your property. You can however use comments for your marketing needs by reaching out to the user and asking permission.
What happens to the comments if I opt out at a later date?
All comments belong to you and any remaining will be deleted from our system.
Why is Kriddik® different from public review sites?
Public review sites can help sometimes, but as most know they can be terrible for providing the type of feedback a business owner really wants. Kriddik® makes every guest a secret shopper without the expense. Kriddik® helps to qualify the feedback in an effort to rate the truthfulness of the comment. Kriddik helps raise the bar. Staff members will be aware that anyone can be a Kriddik. This leads to an increase in service quality.
How will Kriddik® help my business?
You can't always be there. You need to know who needs more training. You need to know who is performing above expectations. Most of all you need to know how your customers are feeling. The best way is with private feedback in an easy to use format for your customers to use. They don't need to search for an email or number, and they know whatever they send in is only going to leadership.